Architectural Design Trends

Architectural Design Trends

31 August 2021

Architectural trends are ever evolving and Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty in 2021 is no exception.

We live and breathe homes, and our Oceanside Homes team is constantly talking to customers, suppliers and contractors about design trends in the residential housing market.  

Although no seismic shift occurs as the clock ticks past midnight on the 31st of December, it’s clear that different styles, materials and colours continue to grow in popularity as time passes. 

One concept that has become particularly popular over the last few years is a blend of modernism and industrial style homes. A lot of us grew up watching American television shows and movies and will be familiar with the sight of a converted New York loft apartment. These days some new homes borrow and adapt this style with open spaces, sharp lines, flat roofs, floor to ceiling glass and panoramic windows letting in heaps of natural light. 

This style also utilises some interesting choices of materials. Exposed timber, exposed concrete and exposed bricks have become very popular and create stunning rustic effects when well executed. Taking this further is the regular addition of internal and external feature walls, especially using stone and brick. Our Tauranga show home at Three Creeks Estate in Ohauiti has an amazing brick feature wall that people are always commenting on. 

Kiwis are renowned for their love of the outdoors and this is being reflected in the way their homes are designed too. ‘Indoor outdoor flow’ is a sales cliche that’s as old as time but modern designs really do take this concept to another level. 

We’ve already touched on large windows and natural light, and this goes a long way to bringing the outside in. The use of sliding glass doors takes this further and really begins to blur the distinction between internal spaces and external gardens or decks, allowing us to more readily connect with the natural environment. 

Our show home’s kitchen, dining and living room areas open out through glass doors to a lovely rustic timber deck with outdoor furniture, perfect for entertaining. The best part is the electronic louvre roof which gives you the easy option to let the sun in or stay sheltered. 

Another nod to the outdoors is the recent trend of not just limiting plants to ground level gardens but actually incorporating them as a design feature. Greenery reduces toxins in the surrounding environment and increases productivity, creativity and happiness.

We all love a good palm tree or a nice vege garden but over the last few years we’ve begun to see more and more thought given to plants at the design stage of a home. Now planters are literally being built into walls and fences, as raised boxes attached to the house, as features around a pool and even in kitchens that allow for growing herbs and vegetables. 

Style is subjective, it’s personal. Trends come and go and no one is obligated to like a particular thing; think about how varied our tastes in music and movies are for example. But understanding what is popular and why is important and can go a long way to helping you get the most out of the design process and ultimately a home that is right for you and your family.  

When you build your new home with Oceanside Homes, our expert Design and Build team will ensure you are in touch with the most modern trends and given the best information on styles, materials and colours. A great way to start is to come and check out our show home for some inspiration! 100 Adler Drive, Ohauiti. 


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