Designing Home Office Spaces

Designing Home Office Spaces

30 September 2021

As a home building company servicing Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty, we’re often asked about home offices during the design phase of a new home.

Working from home has become increasingly common. As a home building company servicing Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty, we’re often asked about home offices during the design phase of a new home. 

Remote working had already gained increasing popularity over the last few years – with more and more jobs moving online and many employers offering a greater level of flexibility. But then COVID-19 happened, and the way many of us work changed overnight (and maybe forever). Now, awkward Zoom calls, disgruntled kids in the background and un-ironed shirts have become increasingly commonplace.

There’s more to designing a home office than simply putting a desk in a bedroom, and at Oceanside Homes we have vast experience in designing office/dual-purpose spaces for our design and build clients. In fact, one of the rooms in our Three Creeks Estate show home was designed as a dual-purpose office/bedroom right from the planning stage. 

Designing from the outset for office/multi-purpose space is clever as it means you can increase the functionality and versatility of certain rooms in your home, without sacrificing those things you really want or need. It’s a simple way of futureproofing to ensure you have a reliable workspace at home, should the need (or want) arise, whilst also accommodating for when guests come to stay or your lifestyle changes. For example, your office could be a space focused entirely on productivity, aside from 1 week a year when your mother-in-law comes to stay; or you could have plans of using the space as nothing but an office for a decade, knowing that it will make a great bedroom when you retire.    

From a location point of view, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Separating work and family can be a challenge when working from home, so keeping the office away from bedrooms and bathrooms means less distractions and a space that’s specifically set aside for work. 

If you’re expecting clients, colleagues, or anticipating any type of physical meeting then it’s a good idea to plan a separate entrance or at least one that doesn’t require visitors to walk throughout your home. It’s also a great idea to have a large window in your office room so you can see guests arriving, and if you are expecting to host meetings with groups of people, then going for a larger room size is also advisable. You could even consider including an additional toilet/powder room located near your dual-purpose/office room! 

People will have their own preferences around lighting, and it may depend on the type of work you’re doing but as a general rule – it’s good to have additional lighting. Extra power points for all your gadgets will also be handy and it pays to give consideration to where all the wires and cables will go. It also makes sense to include data points, allowing you to connect straight to ultra-fast fibre rather than drawing from the family wi-fi whilst the kids are trying to watch Netflix. 

Another thing to consider is colour. Some studies say white works best for productivity but ultimately this will come down to personal preference, and many individuals will be more inspired and motivated by a more vibrant and bold colour selection. 

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