How does the sales process work?

How does the sales process work?

30 June 2021

Building a home is a journey and this blog seeks to shed some light on the process, from having a first chat through to signing contracts and breaking ground.

At Oceanside Homes we pride ourselves on our personal approach to clients, and earning trust is of the utmost importance. Building a home is a journey and this blog seeks to shed some light on the process, from having a first chat through to signing contracts and breaking ground.

To start things off we like to meet you to discuss your ideas, wants, and needs; to learn a bit more about you and see where you’re at in the process. "Our clients and our team both get a lot out of this initial meeting, we find it really helps us to better understand the people we're working with and what they want to achieve," says Isaac - New Homes Consultant at Oceanside Homes.

You can’t build a house without land, and if you need land we will have a conversation about requirements, location and budget. We can provide advice on sourcing land in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty and draw from our database of potential sites. If nothing appropriate can be found immediately then we'll continue looking and keep you updated as opportunities arise.

Once land is found or if you already own a site, we can start thinking about design. Our team will help organise things like site testing, reports and covenants and use this information to draw up a concept floor plan that captures all your requirements. Being a custom builder, we only take on a certain number of builds per year and can provide great attention to detail on your project.  
After we have an initial floor plan, we write an extensive brief to understand what materials and fixtures will be needed for your home. The information is entered into our in-depth estimating system, and you’ll have a concept design with full specifications, all the inclusions and the likely cost - all with no money spent. 

If you’re happy with the estimated cost and are keen to move forward, we take a design deposit of $5,000 to start the pricing plans on the architectural drawings. Our New Home Consultant will begin to help refine things further by talking through options and opportunities and pointing out any threats like warranty limitations or maintenance costs, making sure money is spent in the right places. We’ll even organise visits to suppliers so you can make your own selections.

At this stage our in-house Architect will produce the design in 3D so you can have a virtual tour through your new home and make any final decisions. Once we have the approval, the plans are sent out to subcontractors and suppliers for full contract pricing which takes three to four weeks.  When the final pricing is in we will compile the contract documents to send to your legal representative for approval and once approved we sign the contract.

The design deposit paid earlier is deducted from the contract price and a 10% deposit will be required to get started with the consent process. Our in-house Architect will organise full consent plans for council and arrange any external consultants required. We follow progress carefully and promptly and answer any questions from council to ensure speedy delivery of your consent. Once consent is received, we typically begin work on site within two weeks. 

Your New Home Consultant will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions and provide regular updates from your dedicated Project Manager. We invite you to keep involved throughout the build with regular walk-throughs and catch ups to discuss each stage.  

All projects are different, and the construction timeline will vary per project, but most homes take six or seven months to complete. We know how important it is to provide a home for your family and we put our hearts and hands into creating homes that we would be proud to live in ourselves.


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