What is Sustainable Building?

What is Sustainable Building?

3 May 2021

Sustainability is a very real and important concept to consider when building or renovating a home...

Locally sourced, sustainable, eco-friendly – you could be forgiven for thinking this was marketing speak for a trendy new organic Wellington eatery. But far from a buzzword, sustainability is a very real and important concept to consider when building or renovating a home. 

There endures a persistent myth that eco-friendly building is prohibitively expensive, but that is just no longer the case. The barriers to entry have been lowered significantly and suppliers these days offer a vast range of environmentally friendly products that will not break the bank and may even save money in the long term. 

Choosing quality, well-rated appliances can save power and have a big impact on running costs over time. Oceanside Homes have several brands and models of fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and ducted air conditioning systems that we recommend to our clients.  

When heading into winter, sprinkler and irrigation restrictions are often in place in Tauranga - showing just how precious water efficiency is in our region. For this reason, Oceanside Homes always suggests using modern showers with flow restrictors to prevent excessive water use. 

We provide extra heat and lower electricity costs by installing ceiling and wall insulation well above building code requirements and even incorporating an insulated garage door. Our designs are always approached with solar heat gain in mind, and we take the time to speak to our clients about how they live in their home and what time of day they will be in the various rooms. We future proof for solar too, meaning even if full solar power is not viable now, the installation will be easy later.

Oceanside Homes partners with suppliers with strong and transparent sustainability strategies like Methven, Bosch and Dulux. We also focus on using sustainable locally sourced materials wherever possible like our framing from Red Stag Timber. In 2018 Red Stag Timber won an award for energy efficiency and conservation in New Zealand and their logs are sourced from forests that are certified as being sustainably managed by the Forest Stewardship Council.   

As well as better for the environment a nod to sustainability often benefits the health of your loved ones too. 

Take paint for example; at Oceanside Homes we recommend low VOC paints from Dulux. Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs) are carbon containing substances that easily become gases or vapours. Although they help paint dry faster, they can also cause respiratory problems as well as other issues like skin and eye reactions, dizziness, and damage to the central nervous system. Their release into the indoor atmosphere is called off-gassing, and it occurs over time, not just during paint application or drying. By selecting a low VOC paint, you are not only avoiding releasing gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere but literally providing clearer air for your family to breathe. 

On our building sites we have a real focus on reducing construction waste, and recycling materials wherever possible.

If you are thinking about building your dream home and like the idea of a warmer, dryer, healthier home that is also better for the environment then give Oceanside Homes a call today!


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